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How to Make Money From Youtube using Adsense

Youtube  is a Global Top video- sharing website. It’s Headquarter is situated in San Bruno, California, United States. Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, Jawed Karim are founders of and CEO is Susan Wojcicki. It was bought by Google for US$1.65 Billion. The Service was created by three former PayPal Employees in February 2005.

How to Earn from Youtube?

Earning from youtube is totally legal and with Pure White Techniques you can achieve your goal. Many People are earning Online through their Blogs. They monetize their Blogs by Showing Ads. These Ads are shown by google  and after getting Approval from Google AdSense anyone can start earning from their websites, blog or videos. The same monetizing method is applicable in youtube Platform.

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How to Apply for Google Adsense for Youtube?

Applying for Google Adsense for youtube and getting approval is much easier than getting approval on blogs or website. For Approval in youtube follow this Simple Step.

1>    Create a Unique and Original video Using Camtasia or Powerpoint.

2>    Login to Using Gmail id.

3>    Upload your video to

4>    Link your channel using Adsense by Enabling Monetisation Option.

5>    Within hrs your youtube videos will be ready to generate money.

How to Optimize Youtube Videos?

Optimizing Youtube videos are very important. It does not show in youtube SERP then it’s difficult to earn money from youtube. Follow this Simple Step to Optimise your youtube Videos.

·        Do proper Keyword Research selects a niche, Digg out the keywords and put all keywords into longtail pro Keyword Research tool. Long Tail Pro is Known as No. 1 Keyword Research tool. Pick the keyword having KC below. Lower the KC greater the chance to Rank . Long Tail Pro Offer. Grab this deal 14 days trial at 1.

·           Use Exact keyword in the Title

·          Make Description at least 500 words long. Start with the keyword and    use the keyword in the last paragraph.

·         Put Keyword in the Annotation of Video.

How to get more views on Videos?

After Publishing your video on youtube share on all Social Media Platform with different IP. You can Use PIA VPN for the better result. Make an account on Reddit and Increase Link Karma and comment karma use to pick the category. Pick any category like r/news, r/pics, r/world news, r/funny pics. But do not post any video links before increasing link karma and comment karma. Use r/ask questions category post your unique question. Once you get good link karma and comment karma, you are ready to post your videos link.

Why youtube thumbnail is important?

Youtube thumbnail is an important factor to get noticed. The Step to get millions of views start with the unique and catchy thumbnail. Use to make an awesome thumbnail or else you can use, both are web-based. Perfect dimension for thumbnail is  1280 X 720

Do not ever buy views

Buying of views can make your Online Business ruin. People use bots to increase views which are of no use. Avoid freelancing website to buy views.  This can ban your Adsense account. Share on Social Media, Do Proper ON-page Seo, and your videos are ready to get views and earn money for long term.