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Things to remember while going for the morning safari


Just like any tourist attraction anywhere in the world, Dubai has a list of attractions for the adventure seekers. Whether it is the shopping spree in the huge malls or visit to Burj Khalifa or it is driving bravely through the vast deserts, Dubai has a whole lot of experiences waiting for you. Besides all this the most acclaimed and preferred tourist activity in the world of Dubai is the desert Safari. That is the best way to enjoy something which you have not experienced before. It includes the collection of activities including an extensive trip comprising of a unique 4WD ride against the angry sand, the eye catching beauty of the desert, the living experience of the nomadic Arabs, and much more than you expect.  More or less the safari experience with all safari organizers is the same but it also depends on the tourist himself to make essential arrangements before leaving to avoid any problems. It is very important for the tourist to consider the essential and basic requirements of going to a safari ride.

desert Safari

Salient Features:

  • Make sure that you choose a reliable safari organizer. There might be many options available but the reliability, economy and the extent of activities varies. Choose the one that is the best in all ways.
  • The safari times can be chosen according to your own comfort. There are two plausible options as far as the timing are concerned. It can be done either in the early morning breeze or in the setting sun hours. Generally, the people love to be part of the city life in the evenings and the safari in the morning time.
  • Get all the necessary accessories with you. Although your trip planner is going to provide you with essential like water but still it is going to be a great if you take some with yourself too. Add caps, sunglasses and above a cam to capture your experience, so you can enjoy it yourself or show it to your friends.
  • It is very important to select the clothing too. The clothing has to be according to the season. The summer clothing must be light while a little heavier is required in the winters as they are comparatively cooler.
  • The safari locations have gifts shops and shopping areas too from where you can buy the souvenirs and gifts that would remind you of the memorable visit. You can either buy these things in cash or get against your credit card also. Thus, keep the wallet with you.


The safari is a life time experience, no matter what time you choose for doing so. Enjoy the graceful floor sitting with immensely comfortable seating areas with nomadic colored beautiful cushions and low level tables, the unique Arabian Cuisine including the coffee and the mouth watering barbeque, added with the amazing fun time performances of the Arabian dancers and shisha. So if you are a keen adventurer always looking for a new experience and new adventure and you are getting a chance to visit the UAE in near future then the desert safari will no doubt come as a delightful experience.