How a lice infest, grows and reproduces? A complete guide

Lice is a parasite that looks for a host to survive on its blood. It is a blood sucking parasite that only feed on human blood. Head lice lives on human being and they are not transmitted by animals or furry pets. Some people get harassed when they see that a louse lives on the blood of human being. But the fact is that lice is not life threatening. If it is in excess, it can result in anemia but still this happens very rare as the chances are minimum for this type of condition. Overall, head lice are not good for human health and one must be serious in tackling with such condition as it can aggravate the condition with time. Since it is contagious so it can quickly spread through the contact of infected person in the form of pillow, caps, scarfs etc.

lice fests

How is a Lifecycle of a lice?

Life cycle of a louse starts when a lice lay egg. Lice can reproduce quickly so it does not take long for it to multiply in number. It is pertinent to find that lice can create a lot of issues in an individual life. Even schools have a very strict policy for life infestation and can create issues if someone does not treat it in the right manner.
⦁    Lice lay eggs in numbers so if someone gets head lice it multiples quickly.
⦁    Louse is very small in size just equivalent to the size of a sesame seed.
⦁    Lice cannot fly unlike the common believe that lice can fly
⦁    Lice transfers from one person to another through contact with infected person
⦁    A lice egg matures in 7 to 10 days.
⦁    The lifecycle of louse is short as it can reproduce quickly

What are the treatments for head lice?

There are many ways to treat head lice that incorporates different homemade remedies and also some chemical treatments that encompasses chlorine based treatment, hair dye based treatment and shampoos that kills lice.
According to carecalm, it is also important to remember that head lice should be dealt with persistence as if a person does not follow an anti-lice hair care regime in a persistent manner, he or she will not be able to treat it well. But remember that the chemical product shall not come in contact with the body as it can be hazardous for the body to come in contact with chemicals. If someone opt anti lice shampoo as a cure for head lice, then the product should be used only in hair by washing the hair in a sink or wash basin.
These are few of the important points that one need to remember in order to take care of their hair from head lice. This website has pretty much discussed everything about head lice.